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Found 1 result(s) with the DLL 4f7b0967-9b93-48d4-bc7b-b1c4180c383e.dll!
Don't override any system .DLLs unless you know exactly what you're doing!


Known Filenames / Downloads SHA-1 Hash MD5 Hash Size Product Version Number Machine Type Image File Characteristics PE Type Linker Version OS Version Image Version Subsystem Version Subsystem File Version File Version Number File OS Language Code Company Name File Description Internal Name Legal Copyright Original File Name Product Name Product Version
4F7B0967-9B93-48D4-BC7B-B1C4180C383E.dll 5bb66b91319aac11498b94c43392bde2d3ca56f9
56 kB Intel 386 or later, and compatibles Executable, 32-bit, DLL PE32 14.0 6.0 0.0 6.0 Windows GUI Windows NT 32-bit English (U.S.) Razer Inc. Razer SDK Device Module Razer Chroma Mouse Copyright (c) 2011-2015 Razer Inc. All rights reserved. 4F7B0967-9B93-48D4-BC7B-B1C4180C383E.dll Chroma SDK